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Packaged with our own Olkkola Farm logo these bottles contain our delicious medium amber, 100% pure maple syrup.  An attractive economical gift to yourself or someone on your list.

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The pint sized bottle with our
Olkkola Moose logo has returned

Due to circumstances beyond our control (and to our great disappointment) we will not have our Olkkola Farm moose label pint bottles available as previously announced. We WILL have our syrup available in the New Hampshire pint bottle as we did last year. Half gallons and quarts will still be available with the Olkkola Farm moose label.

The content of all three sizes continues to be the delicious pure maple syrup we have always provided to our valued customers. 

1/2 Gal.  $35.00

  Quart     $22.00

Pint        $12.00

Shipping for U.S. Locations

1/2 Gallon - $16.00 * Each additional - $12.00
Quart - $15.00 * Each additional - $11.00
Pint - $14.00 * Each additional - $10.00
* "Each Additional" Pricing refers to items shipped to same address.

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